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Full Branding Suite Package:


Unleash the full potential of your brand with our comprehensive Professional Plan, including a full branding suite and unlimited revisions.

Professional Plan – $500

The Professional Plan offers a full branding suite to ensure a cohesive and professional look across all your business materials. Benefit from unlimited revisions, ensuring your branding is exactly as you envision. This plan also includes designs for:

    • Brand Consultation:
      • One-on-one consultation session to understand the client’s vision, goals, and requirements.
      • A questionnaire to help guide the discussion and ensure all important aspects are covered.
    • Custom Logo Design:
      • A simple yet unique custom logo design with four rounds of revisions.
      • Final logo files provided in various formats (JPG, PNG, SVG) for different uses.
    • Color Palette:
      • A primary and secondary color palette that reflects the brand’s identity and industry standards
    • Typography:
      • Selection of up to two fonts that complement the brand and are web-friendly (considering license for commercial use).
    • Brand Style Guide:
      • A mini brand style guide that outlines the usage of the logo, color palette, and typography.
      • Guidelines on do’s and don’ts for maintaining brand consistency.
    • Business Card Design:
      • Design of a professional business card that incorporates the new branding elements.
    • Letterhead and Envelope Design:
      • Basic letterhead and envelope design to match the brand’s visual identity.
    • Social Media Kit:
      • Profile and cover image designs for up to three social media platforms.
      • A set of 5 custom social media graphic templates that can be used for posts.
    • Email Signature Design:
      • A clean and professional email signature design that includes the logo and contact information.
    • Brand Launch Graphic:
      • A “launching soon” or “now available” graphic to promote the new brand on various platforms.
    • Support and Guidance:
      • Basic guidance on how to implement the brand elements across different media.
      • Post-design support or consultation for a specified period (two weeks after the final delivery).
    • Digital Delivery:
      • A digital package of all final files and resources, neatly organized for the client’s convenience
Full Branding Suite Package:
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