Sihanouk Design Studio


Innovative Design from the Heart of Sihanoukville

Located in the vibrant beach city of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Sihanouk Design Studio is where tradition meets innovation. Nestled amidst a city known for its casinos and lively nightlife, our studio is a haven of creativity. Founded by a team of Western-educated Cambodians, we’re on a mission to create exceptional branding and design solutions for our fellow Cambodians. With industry-leading printing technology and a knack for bespoke design, we bring ideas to life in the most vivid way possible. Our collaborations stretch across various sectors, although many remain veiled due to confidentiality agreements. At Sihanouk Design Studio, we believe in the power of design to not just capture attention, but to tell stories, ignite emotions, and build enduring brand legacies. Through a blend of cutting-edge digital strategies and meticulous craftsmanship, we don’t just elevate brands; we set them on a trajectory of lasting impact.


At Sihanouk Design Studio, innovation is our cornerstone, constantly pushing the boundaries to offer fresh, custom design solutions.


Rooted in our Cambodian heritage, we blend tradition with modernity to create designs that resonate with our community.


With the industry's top-standard printing DPI, we ensure every project delivered is of unparalleled quality.


Through our myriad of partnerships, each collaboration fuels our journey towards creating enduring brand legacies.

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